Tax for Humanity is a transnational initiative engaged in the fight against inequalities and discriminations of every kind. It aligns with the values of democracy and of environmentalism.

Tax for Humanity is endorsed by the Associazione Valerio Daniel De Simoni and by the Valerio Daniel De Simoni Association Inc., based, respectively, in Italy and Australia,  which are both dedicated to the memory of a young activist and sportsman who died in Malawi in 2011.


Dario Pasquini
Promoter of the initiative

Giacomo Nuti

Maria Splendorio
Social Media

Gianluca Ruggiero
Graphic designer



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Withstand Production, Milan
Isabella Ducrot, Rome
Giacomo Nuti, Berlin

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Adrian Paci, Centro di permanenza temporanea, 2007, color photograph.
Courtesy of the artist and kaufmann repetto, Milan / New York

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